Reasons Why It Isn’t Smart to Get Back With Your Ex

Reasons Why It Isn’t Smart to Get Back With Your Ex

Breakups and heartbreaks are a very difficult phase in anyone’s life. If you are looking to be back with your ex and haven’t been able to actually go through with it, remind yourself that something is holding you back. There is nothing wrong with still loving an ex but if there were red flags then it is best that you stay with the feelings until they pass and try your best to be able to find the right person for yourself. With that being said, following are a few of the reasons as to why it isn’t smart for you or anyone to get back together with their exes, check them out below.

There Were Red Flags

If your ex was or is someone who tends to gaslight a lot then it is time that you start acknowledging that. Making you feel bad for something wrong that they did is one of the many examples of gas lighting and it is a major red flag. Having someone who says one thing and does the other can be a red flag and a huge indication of emotional abuse. Most of us do not acknowledge emotional abuse because it isn’t entirely visible. If you are one of those people we’d recommend that you educate yourself on the subject and then assess your situation with your ex. If you still think it is a wise decision then go ahead by all means.

They Didn’t Meet You Halfway

Relationships are about compromises and a successful relationship requires for you to compromise first. If you aren’t able to compromise or if yourex partner is incapable of meeting you half way it is something that you should reconsider.