NFL 21 – Strong Tackles for your Starting Squad

NFL 21 – Strong Tackles for your Starting Squad

In Madden NFL 21, Tackles are also crucial supporters of the forward line, covering the areas around the back of the Guards when opposition defensive tackles and ends rush in to contain your offensive plays.

Due to their need to cover the blind sides of the linesmen, they are usually both strong and also tall, also being able to pace quickly in order to block any opposition pressure.

If you are short on effective tackles to recruit for your Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) squad in the game, here are some suggested players whom are very good at brushing off the defending rival team:

1) D’Brickashaw Ferguson (New York Jets, Campus Heroes): OVR 85

– A retired professional American footballer, D’Brickashaw Ferguson is a very good Tackle who is capable of reading plays precisely while being able to stop people on their tracks consistently. His New York Jets player card is still up there amongst the best in the game.

Pass Block, PBK (Blocking): 85

Pass Block Footwork, PBF (Blocking): 85

Strength, STR (General): 84

Pass Block Power, PBP (Blocking): 83

Impact Block, IBL (Blocking): 82

2) Trent Williams (San Francisco 49ers, Core Elite): OVR 84

– The man from Texas, Trent Williams is a heavy-duty Tackle, always on hand to use his immense strength to protect his teammates. Although not impressive in the game, his overall stat distribution is very well balanced, making him a good starting candidate in MUT.

Strength, STR (General): 86

Impact Block, IBL (Blocking): 84

Pass Block Power, PBP (Blocking): 83

Pass Block, PBK (Blocking): 82

Rush Block, RBK (Blocking): 82

3) Lane Johnson (Philadelphia Eagles, Core Elite): 84

– Johnson may not be as strong as the others on this list, but he keeps it up with his respectable pace to catch rushers off guard. He can do a very good job at the front, if you can sport the right formational team play to take advantage if his skillset.

Awareness, AWA (General): 84

Impact Block, IBL (Blocking): 84

Pass Block Power, PBP (Blocking): 83

Lead Block, LBK (Blocking): 83

Rush Block, RBK (Blocking): 82

4) Trent Brown (Las Vegas Raiders, Core Elite): 83

The 27-year old is certainly not without fans, with his constant interceptions and blocking tackles earning him another call-up with New England Patriots again this year. He doesn’t excel in a lot of things, but specializes in those that he knows best – reading plays and catching pass rushers early on.

Strength, STR (General): 85

Awareness, AWA (General): 85

Pass Block Power, PBP (Blocking): 85

Pass Block, PBK (Blocking): 82

Rush Block Power, RBP (Blocking): 81

5) Jack Conklin (Cleveland Browns, Ultimate Kickoff): 83

– Another developing player, Conklin is still just 26 years and considered amongst the best offensive tackles around. Keenly aware of his surroundings, he is always able to read the opposing team’s rushes and contains, marking the correct person to block out any intrusive plays against your forward runs or passes.

Awareness, AWA (General): 87

Impact Block, IBL (Blocking) 87

Lead Block, LBK (Blocking): 82

Pass Block Power, PBP (Blocking): 82

Strength, STR (General): 82

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